IT Salaries in Switzerland: Developer, Analyst, IT Manager, and Data Scientist Salaries

average it salary in switzerland


With its robust economy and high living level, Switzerland has an expanding IT job market that welcomes candidates with a wide range of expertise and experience. The need for skilled IT workers in Switzerland is on the rise as it is home to global companies and numerous startups.

Having detailed information on average IT salary in Switzerland plays a critical role in the job-seeking process, as it allows potential candidates to make informed decisions regarding their career paths and the opportunities available to them. Job-seekers who are aware of the real-life rate for various positions in a certain industry or geographic area have a better chance of landing the position they want and negotiating a fair salary.


data scientist salary switzerland

In this post, you will learn more about the IT job market in Switzerland. We’ll review the average compensation for IT professionals in Switzerland, compare rates between different cities, and examine the factors influencing IT salaries.

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Average IT Salaries in Switzerland

When considering IT salaries in Switzerland, it is important to note that salaries can vary significantly depending on the role, skills, and experience required. The following list provides an average monthly salary range for various IT positions in Switzerland:


Av.monthly salary

Software Developer salary Switzerland:

CHF 5,080 – CHF 16,200

Data Analyst:

CHF 5,060 – CHF 14,900

IT Support salary Switzerland:

CHF 5,150 – CHF 8,944

IT Manager:

CHF 8,880 – CHF 28,300

IT Project Manager salary Switzerland: 

CHF 7,140 – CHF 24,700

Business Analyst:

CHF 4,890 – CHF 16,900

Data Scientist salary Switzerland:

CHF 8,140 – CHF 25,900

These figures represent the average IT salary in Switzerland, but the actual salaries can be higher or lower also depending on city location, company size, and industry sector.

average it salary in switzerland

Comparison of

IT Salaries in Zurich and Other Cities

Switzerland is a highly industrialized technology place, giving its entrepreneurs direct access to cutting-edge technological advancements and innovations. The country has an extended record of being a pioneer in financial services, healthcare, and other sectors thanks to its eagerness to adopt new technologies.

In 2019, Switzerland was able to attract investments of $445 million; the startup ecosystem is thriving at an unprecedented rate. Among Europe’s most technologically and industrially sophisticated areas, Zurich City is where things get done. Many financial, crypto, and blockchain companies have established businesses in Zurich.

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, is the country’s IT hub and offers the highest IT salaries on average.
For example, an average monthly Data Scientist salary Zurich with middle-level expertise is around CHF 12,166, (Find Job in Zurich) while the salary for the same position in Switzerland’s capital city, Bern, is around CHF 10,333 (Find a Job In Bern).

Similarly, a Java developer’s salary in Zurich can be CHF 12,400, compared to CHF 9,446 in Lausanne (Find Job in Lausanne).

But what’s important to understand is that the cost of living in Zurich is also much higher than in other mentioned cities, making them maybe more attractive to IT professionals looking for a better work-life balance, like developer Java Lausanne. The choice is all theirs.

data scientist salary zurich and other cities

Factors Affecting

IT Salaries in Switzerland

Let’s look at the different aspects that might affect a specialist’s wage, focusing on the nuanced subject of compensation and how it differs among industries and geographies.

Despite its location in Europe, IT salaries in Switzerland differ greatly from its neighbors. In simple terms, Swiss salaries tend to be greater than those in other European countries due to the high cost of living, the strong Swiss franc, lower taxes, and a highly competitive employment market. These unique circumstances make Switzerland an appealing destination for competent workers looking for lucrative career possibilities.

Several factors can influence IT job salary in Switzerland. Some of the most important factors include:


The IT industry is enormous, and the demand for a particular set of technical abilities can majorly impact an employee's income. Data analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cloud computing are all examples of in-demand skills that typically come with a higher price tag due to the value they add to an organization. Professionals who can adapt to changing market conditions by keeping abreast of new developments and expanding their skill sets can have much higher compensation rates. For example, the Data Analyst salary Zurich depends greatly on whether the specialist has strong SQL and Statistical programming skills or is just at the beginner level.


Having experience is an important aspect of the IT industry that can impact how much someone gets paid. People with a lot of experience and success in their field usually earn more money. Besides, as people gain more experience, they also gain important abilities in solving problems and managing projects. For example, the IT manager salary Switzerland greatly depends on whether the specialist has experience in overcoming problems within teams and other stakeholders. Many employers appreciate experienced professionals who can guide newer colleagues, offer valuable input on important decisions, and confidently handle complicated projects.


Degrees from reputable institutions or certifications in specialized areas can help a specialist get the highest paid IT jobs in Switzerland. Candidates with advanced degrees are more likely to get hired and offered greater salaries because of the impression they give employers that they know their stuff.

Industry Sector

The sector in which an IT professional works can also affect their salary. For example, since Switzerland is a top financial hub, with many banks, insurance companies, and wealth management firms, many such companies need advanced technology to stay ahead of the game and ensure top-notch security, so they are willing to pay more for skilled IT specialists. Also, the pharmaceutical industry usually offers higher salaries than the retail or manufacturing ones.

Company Size and Reputation

Salaries can also vary depending on the company's size. Larger corporations and well-funded startups typically offer higher salaries and more comprehensive benefits packages than smaller companies or startups in their early stages.


As mentioned earlier, the city where an IT professional works can impact their salary. The cost of living and demand for IT professionals in cities like Zurich and Geneva are higher, resulting in higher salaries than in other Swiss cities.

Most Important Factors Influence IT salary in Switzerland

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The IT job market in Switzerland offers attractive salaries for professionals with varying levels of experience and skill sets. Zurich is the country’s IT hub and offers the highest salaries on average; however, other cities like Bern and Lausanne also provide competitive salaries and balanced work-life opportunities for IT professionals.

When looking for IT jobs in Switzerland, it is essential to consider salary information because it helps you measure the market value for your abilities and expertise, ensuring you receive appropriate compensation, e.g., BA should definitely check the IT Business Analyst salary Switzerland, or if you are still deciding about the career sphere, check Switzerland IT jobs and the salary range for most popular ones. It enables you to make informed selections when evaluating employment offers, considering living expenses and future lifestyle changes.

Furthermore, analyzing the compensation landscape in Switzerland can help you uncover in-demand talents and career advancement prospects, allowing you to make wise career development decisions.