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IT Jobs Bern

For data scientists, sales engineers, IT managers, and other
tech specialists based in Bern.

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IT Jobs Basel

For computer research scientists, engineering technologists, computer systems analysts, and other IT experts based in Basel.

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IT Jobs Luzern

For DevOps engineers, database administrators, blockchain developers, and other IT professionals based in Luzern.

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IT Jobs Solothurn

For API developers, cloud engineers, NAV developers, and other tech experts based in Solothurn.

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IT Jobs St. Gallen

For SQL consultants, Oracle cloud consultants, and other tech specialists based in St. Gallen.

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IT Jobs Aargau

For information security analysts, web developers, network administrators, help desk technicians, and other IT professionals based in Aargau.

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IT Jobs Zug

For back-end developers, front-end coders, full-stack engineers, Microsoft Dynamics consultants, and other tech experts based in Zug.

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IT Jobs Zurich

For UI/UX designers, Azure developers, MEVN stack programmers, and other IT experts based in Zurich.

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With stable economy

it jobs in switzerland

The market of

Tech Jobs in Switzerland

The Swiss economy is stable, so Switzerland is an ideal location to develop your tech career, enrich your portfolio, and get decent pay. Tens of top tech brands regularly hire tech specialists. And you no longer need to google “IT jobs Switzerland” to find a reliable employer or an interesting tech project. Select your city on our portal and see which vacancies are currently open.

If you prefer building and validating new ventures, check vacancies in B-works. With Zurich-based Modeso, you can develop and scale up digital products. The Linum Labs company brings web3 closer through blockchain software development, while iGrowth GmbH uses digital technologies to provide business development services.

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Switzerland IT Jobs:
Salaries and Opportunities

When choosing a new company or tech project in Zurich, for instance, candidates want to know the Zurich software engineer salary and opportunities for their career growth. Here is what you can expect from having a tech position in a Swiss company.

Opportunities you have.

Switzerland boasts a well-developed IT industry with many tech companies known in Europe and internationally. However, Switzerland tech jobs market regularly needs new entry-level technicians and experienced software developers. Local tech startups and giants like Credit Suisse, UBS, and Novartis are just a few examples of your future employers.

Our platform can equally well help you find a contract or permanent position. You can start from a part-time remote job and with a time shift to a full-time on-site role. The Swiss IT jobs market is diverse and evolving, so IT specialists of all levels can find their best-fit jobs.

Though many Swiss companies are willing to hire IT professionals, the job competition in Switzerland is still high. So be persistent when applying to job positions. You’ll probably need to send 50 CVs to get several invitations for an interview. And be prepared to get nearly half of the rejections too.

Swiss employers may prefer EU citizens as hiring them doesn’t imply paying for a work permit. Knowing German, French, or Italian will benefit you more than other applicants. Use your LinkedIn to communicate with Swiss IT recruiters and get some specific recommendations, and don’t rush it.

Finding your job.

Your future salary.

The software engineer salary Switzerland will, like everywhere, depend on multiple factors. These are country region, company size, technologies used, management style, skills required, experience, etc. For instance, SAP and Salesforce consultants, business analysts, and project managers will earn more than junior developers.

So, IT jobs in Switzerland salary varies, and the average annual one reaches $82.3k a year. Glassdoor says that Zurich average salary of a software developer is CHF120,000 per annum, which is around $130,000. This seems to cover your needs in Switzerland as the cost of living there is relatively high.

How We Help You Find Startup Jobs Switzerland

You’ll need to follow several recommendations to find a job in a Swiss company through our platform:

Add bullet points, highlight key events and employers, and remove irrelevant information and filler words.

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The maximum number of working hours in Switzerland equals 50, not 40, and employers appreciate your readiness to work hard.

Don’t stay too relaxed or humorous during the interview — be conservative and formal instead.

Don’t stay too relaxed or humorous during the interview — be conservative and formal instead.

startup jobs switzerland

Benefits of Our Platform

How can our service help product owners promote on-site and remote IT jobs Switzerland? And how can applicants leverage this website? Let’s check the benefits:

Easy application

You'll only need to enter your email to set up a profile and start using our service. Upload your resume, make it visible, and start getting notifications. We'll notify you about who and when viewed your CV and inform you about responses from potential employers.

Helpful filters

You don't have to check 20 or 50 barely relevant positions you get in response to the "IT job Zurich" query. Our service has convenient filters that help you find the best-fit job announcements. So choose the skills, responsibilities, and projects you match best.

Reliable employers

Our team verifies every company registered in our system and posts job descriptions. Moreover, applicants can report any suspicious behavior of potential employers. This way, we protect job seekers from scams and ensure they get what is promised.

Secured environment

Sometimes, companies are ready to share the numbers to your "software engineer salary Zurich" request but prefer to stay anonymous. Our service allows that and secures all sensitive data of each registrant. So employers share only the data they want.

Easy tracking of the job posting

Once a vacancy is published, we collect the stats about its views and responses. You can set up notifications and get updates in real time. This way, you can always check the current status of your listing and update it once needed.

Streamlined search and communication

Multiple filters help you select relevant CVs, upload them to your hiring software, or screen them on the platform. And when job posters get replies from applicants, our platform will immediately notify employers and encourage them to the next step.

IT Jobs in Switzerland for English Speakers.

Like said above, Swiss employers often prefer hiring EU-based tech specialists with fluent German. So if English is the only language you speak, Swiss project owners will consider your candidature only when you’re a demanded professional boasting 3+ years of experience. For instance, English-speaking computer vision, DevOps, or SAP experts can quickly find IT jobs in Switzerland.

However, this “standard” is followed by smaller companies, while speaking English is enough for larger entities. Still, you need to impress your future employer with your CV to motivate the company to pay for your visa and work permit. Renting an apartment for the long term will also depend on this document.

it jobs in switzerland for english speakers



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